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I work at the bank, but the bank saves money. They're using me, and I don't care anymore. I'm so glad I have Lisa, though, she is my future wife! I love her so much and Mark is my very very best friend! Oh hai Denny.

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being creepy, being totally oblivious, buying lisa dresses, buying lisa roses, cheep cheep cheep cheep, claudette, denial, denny, football, fucking lisa's navel, hahahahaha, having no social skills, i did naht hit her! i did naht, i love lisa so much, jerking off with lisa's clothes, large ham, lisa, lisa is my future wife, mark, mark is my best friend, melodrama, o hai doggie, o hai mark, playing football in a tuxedo, selective obliviousness, sex with lisa, showing my ass, so how's your sex life?, taking denny home, that's the idea, the bank is using me, throwing the tv, wangsting, what a story mark, whining, why lisa whyyyyyyy, you're just a little chicken, you're tearing me apart lisa!
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